the 4 PM June 30 deadline at the Siting Board

The folks at City Hall, along with the media, and even Schenectady’s Ministers, seem to believe that the Council can give timely approval to the Schenectady casino by voting as late as June 30.  However, as virtually every interested person knows, the Gaming Facility Siting Board’s Request for Applications says (at 7), “As a condition of filing an Application, each Applicant must submit to the Board a resolution passed by the local legislative body of its Host Municipality supporting the Application.” (emphasis added)

smallquestionmark What does not, however, seem to be public knowledge is that the Request for Applications for Gaming Facilities [RFA] states (at 19) :

“To apply for a License, a completed Application must be received by the Board by June 30, 2014 at 4 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.  The Board shall have no obligation to accept or review an Application submitted after the established deadline.”  (emphasis added)

If the completed Application must include the Council’s Resolution Supporting the Application, and the gigantic Application packet (with 20 hard copies, including attachments, electronic copies, USB flash drives, etc.) must be received by 4 PM on June 30th, there’s no way the City Council can wait until June 30th to vote.

You might ask how our leaders and their staffs have missed this simple point. Well, these are the same folk who would have us believe they only very recently realized the application deadline was June 30, and are using the crunch of time as an excuse to skip having a public hearing.  Perhaps the slow readers at City Hall will finally reach page 19 of the RFA this weekend, and they will use the 4 PM deadline on June 30th as yet another reason to act without a public hearing.


We’ll hear, possibly at the June 9th Meeting, that June 23rd, rather than June 30th, is the last regular Council Meeting for their vote on the Support Resolution, given the 4 PM reception requirement of the Siting Board.  They will argue, then, that a public hearing can’t possibly be squeezed in before June 23rd, confessing that they are as surprised as anybody about this terribly imminent deadline, over which they have no control and had no prior knowledge.

I can’t wait to see how this plays out.  Parents are advised not to let their children watch.

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