Petition update


As of Saturday afternoon (June 7), we have collected at least 146 signatures on our “NO Casino in Schenectady” Petition.  That’s a good start, as the petitions were first available for signing on Tuesday, June 3rd, and we’ve done only a small amount of door-to-door canvassing.

You can still find and sign a Petition:

  • at Arthur’s Market & Historic Coffee House (35 N. Ferry St.) and Moon and River Cafe (115 S. Ferry St.).
  • Monday, at City Hall during the 6 PM Rally on the front steps and the City Council meeting.
  • by downloading and printing a Petition from this site  ( Click this Petition link), and then dropping them off at Arthur’s Market or bringing them to us at City Hall on Monday
  • by looking for someone in Riverside Park with a clipboard and a No Casino in Schenectady sign this afternoon, Sunday, June 8.

You can help even more by taking a blank Petition and circulating it at home, in the neighborhood, near schools and churches, etc.

Stockade Petition Report

As of Saturday afternoon, at least 66 “Stockadians” (persons who currently live in the Stockade or own property or a business there), signed our Petition — in stark contrast to the “neutrality” of the Stockade Association Board, with its unfathomable assumption that a nearby casino is not a topic worthy of a meeting of the Association’s membership.

It should not be surprising that there are scores of Stockadians against the proposed casino at the old ALCO site.  At November 2013 general election, 138 voters, 55.8% of those who voted on the Casino Proposal in election District 2, said No to any casinos in upstate New York. (District 2 is comprised solely of the Stockade and East Stockade; see map image below; click on it for a larger version)

. SchdyElectionDist2

– If you need convincing, or want to remind yourself, about how special the Stockade neighborhood is:

  • read about it at Wikipedia
  • see my own attempts to capture its beauty and community spirit, with thousands of photographs, at “suns along the Mohawk
  • peruse Jean Zegger’s brief description of the uniqueness and importance of the Stockade Historic District

PLEASE SIGN the NO-CASINO PETITION, and help circulate it, if you can.


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