render unto Caesars

update/correction (July 12, 2014): The large building pictured in the “rendering” found in both the Gazette and Times Union yesterday, which they labelled at the time as the Rivers Casino & Resort at Mohawk Harbor (see below), is not the casino portion of the project.  It is, instead, the proposed hotel that will be built along with the casino. That’s good, in my opinion, as it looks more like a hospital or assisted living facility (which might have, at least, served one of the casino’s main target demographics).

Here is a rendering showing a broader view of the entire project (click on it for a larger version):


Rendering of Casino proposed Schenectady Casino, Hotel, Parking Garage

– detail: #1 is the poorly-illustrated casino itself –

According to an article in Saturday’s Gazette (“Schenectady casino vision unveiled
Project’s hotel would overlook Mohawk“, by Haley Viccaro, C1, July 12, 2014):

“As shown in the rendering, the hotel would overlook the river, with the single-story casino behind it. An enclosed walkway would be built to connect an indoor parking garage to the hotel and casino.”

By the way, click Rivers Casino & Resort at Mohawk Harbor to see their remarkably uninformative website.  They do let you “stay in the loop” by signing up for email updates.  (You do have to give the your Full Name.)

[original posting, July 11, 2014:]

What does a world-class destination casino look like these days? With no editorial comment, I present a rendering of the Rivers Casino & Resort at Mohawk Harbor that was unveiled this afternoon:


Feel free to leave your (frank, but polite) impressions of the building design in a comment [Note: as discussed in the Update/Correction at the top of this posting, this image is actually the hotel portion of the casino project.]

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