no matter the outcome

No matter the results on December 17th at the Location Board meeting, we are proud to have made this campaign to help protect the heart, soul and future of our community.  We believe Schenectady is strong, creative and capable enough to continue our revitalization, without the problems created by reliance on a casino for jobs and revenues.

update: Click here to see our reaction to the selection of Schenectady’s Casino.

StopSchenectadyCasino2015Calendar For a memento of the Stop the Schenectady Casino campaign, we’ve put together a one-page 2015 Stop the Schenectady Casino calendar.  It is formatted to be printed as an 8″ x 10″ photo. You can click on the above image or find the jpg. file at .


ALCOtunnel6 If you are coming here after hearing or reading the WAMC story about the ALCO Tunnel Coverup, please click this link to find out why we call it a coverup, and how theGazette buried the issue in the one article where it did mention the tunnels: See “the Gazette continues the ALCO tunnel coverup” (Dec. 13, 2014). (The photo above was taken August 8, 2014 by DEC engineer John Strang.)

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