what we’re getting instead of the Nicholaus Building


COMING to 264 State Street, at Erie Blvd., often called the  Most Prominent Intersection in Schenectady, on the wedge-shaped lot once filled by the Nicholaus Block Buiilding,:


. . above: (outlined by the Editor in red) new construction, with site plan approved by the Planning Commission on April 19, 2023, consisting of 6 luxury apartments plus 1st floor retail. It will hide the immense blank brick wall (image on right) left in view when the Nicholaus Building was demolished, and be part of the Electric City Apartments complex, which abuts the new building on both State Street and Erie Blvd.

GONE under a wrecking ball, April 7-8, 2017, being deemed too unstable from construction of the Electric City Apartments [to see our comprehensive posting on the controversial demolition of the Nicholaus Block Building, click: tinyurl.com/NicholausGone (April 9, 2017)]:


. . above: Nicholaus Block Building, built circa 1820; below: seen in 1935 (from the Grems Doolittle Library Collection) . . 

. .  SeeMore luxury apartments slated for the Electric City Apartment building in downtown Schenectady” (Times Union,  by Paul Nelson, April 23, 2023) for recent developments. 

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