Petition to Stop the Schenectady Casino


Please help us show the strength of the Opposition by signing the Petition.

Click this Petition link (or the image above) to download a printable pdf. file of the Petition to Stop the Schenectady-ALCO Casino. You can then sign the Petition, and (hopefully) also circulate it for more signatures on your block, at the office or at stores or churches, etc..

Those unable to circulate a Petition widely, or wanting one for personal, household use, may print this SHORTER PETITION, which has four rows for signatures (the original Petition has 9 rows).

[Follow up, 1 PM June 2]  Click for a simple sign announcing the Rally on Saturday, and for one asking for Petition signatures.

Scroll down in this webpost to find the text of the Petition, which includes a list of the major problems we believe would be caused by having a casino at the old ALCO site in Schenectady.

Returning Petitions: This is by necessity a short petition campaign. We would like to have all Petitions returned by Saturday, June 7th, before or during the Rally to Stop the Schenectady Casino at Arthur’s Market. (read about the rally here). You can return them to the editor of this weblog (me, David Giacalone), or to Arthur’s Market., at 35 N. Ferry Street, across from Lawrence the Indian, in the Stockade.  Contact me directly or by leaving a Comment at this website to arrange return of the Petitions to me.

There will be Petitions available at Arthur’s Market and the Moon and River Cafe in the Stockade, all week, starting Monday evening and during the Rally.  If you are not in the vicinity of Schenectady County and must use the U.S. Postal Service, please mail signed Petitions as soon as possible to Richard Genest, Arthur’s Market, 35 N. Ferry St., Schenectady, NY 12305.

If you are unable to return a Petition by June 7th, please get it to us by Monday morning, June 9th, as we hope to present them to the Schenectady City Council at that evening’s Council Meeting.


Below is the text of the Petition, setting forth major reasons for opposing the casino: 

PETITION: to the City Council of Schenectady & the NYS Gaming Facility Siting Board

       Re: The Application by the Galesi Group & Rush Street Gaming to operate a casino in Schenectady

The undersigned ask that the Application for a Gaming License to operate a casino on the site of the former ALCO plant in Schenectady be disapproved by the City Council or be rejected by the Facility Siting Board. We believe many of the promised benefits are exaggerated or uncertain and are outweighed by negative factors that harm individuals, families and communities. For example:

  • The transfer of wealth from the poor and vulnerable to casino operators and tax coffers
  • Loss of revenue by local businesses, leading to closings, and reduced staff and hours
  • An increase in street crimes, especially near the casino (e.g., drug sales, prostitution, purse-snatching, DUI, car break-ins & theft,) and financial crime (embezzlement and fraud)
  • Stress and injury to families as problem gambling increases in our communities
  • A serious threat to the quality of life, safety, and property values in “Schenectady’s gem,” the nearby Stockade Historic District, which will experience more crime and traffic

ALCO-SAMmastSk  Stockadians: There will be a space on the Petition for each signer to indicate whether she or he is currently a Stockadian (by either residing in or being an owner of property or a business in the Stockade). That will allow us to keep a separate tally of the number of Stockadians signing the Petition opposing the casino.

Long-time Stockadian Jean Zegger has written a brief description of the uniqueness and importance of the Stockade Historic District, along with a short text with a brief history of the Stockade that is inscribed on the monumental columns at the entryway to the District at Erie Boulevard and Union Street.

– sign our Petition, tell City Hall not to gamble with our City –

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