a flier for publicizing the June 7th meeting

A flier is now available to download and print that publicizes the Meeting at Arthur’s Market this Saturday.  Click for the Rally Flier. The following is the content of the flier, which includes a listing of our major concerns about approving and living with a casino.



Our Schenectady is not a casino town. We are not willing to:

  • trade Schenectady’s proud history of productive enterprise and innovation for the non-productive transfer of dollars from individuals to the favored “house”
  • desperately believe the easy-money promises of developers and casino operators out of undue pessimism about our development potential
  • base Schenectady’s fiscal policy on taking money from hard-workers, problem-gamblers & the vulnerable, for the sake of uncertain amounts of added tax revenue
  • risk the health of small businesses, which have stayed here and created jobs, by draining revenue away to the casino and a few lucky partners, who will be drawing most of their business from gamblers living less than 25 miles away, not from distant high-rollers
  • create a crime magnet that will bring more drugs, prostitution, DUI, and car break-ins, as well as all-day traffic problems, to nearby neighborhoods, threatening the residential nature of the Historic Stockade District

go to tinyurl.com/NoSchdyCasino for more information & materials –

– get the No Casino Petition online or at Arthur’s Market –




ArthursMarketo5June2014a . . ArthursMarket05June2014b

– Arthur’s Market in the Schenectady Stockade –



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