City Hall Rally Monday – June 9 at 6pm

There will be a “Say No to the Casino” Rally this Monday, June 9, at 6 PM on the steps of the main entrance to City Hall (Jay Street side).  Please come to show the City Council and Mayor, the media, and proponents of the casino your opposition to a casino in Schenectady.



Monday, June 9th, 6 PM

On the steps of City Hall, before the Council Meeting


Use this link to download the flier.



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4 thoughts on “City Hall Rally Monday – June 9 at 6pm

  1. There will be no tax reduction from the casino. There will be no increase in jobs on a permanent basis. There will be a decline in local business. There will be a decline in property values across the city. Due to the raising of the casino for the avoidance of the flooding from the Mohawk there will be more flooding in the stockade. Lets keep our eyes on the ball. A vote for the casino is a vote for a disaster for the city.

  2. The latest studies about casino gambling show that casinos prey on elderly residents in host communities. As casinos discovered that visitation numbers are high among the elderly, they provide them with scooters and wheelchairs when they come to the door. Casinos track their gambling habits and visitations by encouraging them to obtain and use those players’ cards. If they stay away too long, they send them post cards saying that they were missed. Some elderly are just lonely and enjoy interacting with people at the casino. Others may not be aware of what they are doing or may be suffering from dementia, and gamble away more than they can afford.

  3. Statistics show that crime, divorce, suicide and bankruptcy rates increase in a 75-mile radius around the communities where a casino opens. That’s why last week, the Bethlehem Town Board passed a resolution against any proposed casino in neighboring Albany, a proposal that fell apart already, or anywhere around the capital region.

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