No. Ferry St. lessons said to cause repaving delays

. . . No. Ferry St. in the Schenectady Stockade looking north toward the Lawrence Circle showing repaving deforestation-18Jun2010

– No. Ferry St. stripped of its mature trees due to repaving –

The Schenectady Gazette has an article today on the delay in paving Washington Ave.  “Sidewalk talks delay paving of Washington Avenue in Schenectady” [must subscribe, register for access to article], by Kathleen Moore.  Lessons learned from the re-paving of No. Ferry St. are given as the reason for the delay:

1) Some residents did not pay for upgrades to their sidewalks last time, so Commissioner of General Services Carl Olsen says “he’s going to have everything planned — and all contracts signed — before construction season.”

2) Residents of Washington Ave. do not like the look of No. Ferry St., with its shade trees removed, and do not want the same thing to happen on their street. Thus,  thus months of negotiations will be needed, as “residents and city officials are talking about rerouting the sidewalk around big trees, or simply paving the street without redoing the sidewalks.”

. . . . 

– Washington Ave. residents don’t want their shady block (l) to look like No Ferry St. (r) –

SOSTNoFerry follow-up (April 4, 2016): Click on the image to the left to see our collage No. Ferry St. Deforestation, a set of before and after photos.

According to the Gazette, “[Olsen] expects the planning will be useful for further historic district paving projects, and he wants the residents to be pleased with the end result.”  As I will argue in an upcoming posting, Schenectady badly needs a policy governing the treatment of existing trees when the City repaves or takes other actions.  follow-up (Noon, June 18, 2010): See our posting “Schenectady Needs a Tree Preservation Policy.”

update (June 25, 2010): See our posting “Gazette again roots for Stockade trees.”

. . . p.s. If the grand trees in front of St. George’s Church on No. Ferry St. had been alongside the curb and not a few feet away on the Church’s front lawn, they would also have been removed.

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