tree reprieve: repaving delayed until 2011

There have been rumors the past couple of weeks that the re-paving of Washington Avenue would be delayed until next year —  for reasons not specified, but causing much speculation.   Gloria Kishton (the Chair of the Schenectady Heritage Foundation and a member of the Stockade Association Board) has been acting as a liaison with the City of Schenectady concerning the repaving.   Today, Gloria sent an email to Washington Avenue owners and residents, which stated in part:

“We have confirmation that the City is not paving Washington Ave. this season, but does intend to do the project next year (2011). This information is from Carl Olsen, Commissioner of General Services, who oversees paving projects for the City.

“Although disappointing, postponement affords more time for planning which should result in a better project. . . .

” . . .  What’s next: We will be setting up a meeting with the City for the purpose of starting a dialogue about the project. We are optimistic that this will lead to an exchange of ideas and solutions that will address the issues you all raised at the April 18 neighbor meeting, while also taking into account the needs of the City.”

Gloria also informed us that an arborist who took an informal look at the Washington Avenue trees concluded that many of them would not withstand the root loss that would result if the City were to dig up the road bed, curbs, & existing sidewalks and medians.  Gloria suggests Googling sidewalk and trees to find out more about the problem of tree roots impacting sidewalks.  For example, see this  L.A. case study.

The editor of this weblog recommends that you also take a look at the web materials and brochure from the City of New York ‘s Trees & Sidewalks Program, which was established to help “homeowners repair sidewalks damaged by curbside trees while minimizing the impact of the sidewalk repair to the tree.”

update (June 18, 2010):  See our post, “No. Ferry St. lessons said to cause repaving delays,” about today’s Schenectady Gazette article  “Sidewalk talks delay paving of Washington Avenue in Schenectady” [must subscribe, register for access to article], by Kathleen Moore.

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