the Gazette favors trees over sidewalks

Following up on yesterday’s initial report on the tree v. sidewalk debate [“Stockade residents: Save trees over walks,” Daily Gazette, by Kathleen Moore, April 15, 2010; link (subscription req’d)], the lead editorial in today’s Schenectady Gazette comes down strongly in favor of saving trees rather than repairing sidewalks.  (“Editorial: Schenectady should spare trees, spoil sidewalks, April 17, 2010; subscriber link)  We couldn’t have hoped for a better editorial.  Here are a few excerpts:

  • “As important as good sidewalks are to an urban streetscape, trees are more so. At least in a historic neighborhood like Schenectady’s Stockade.”
  • “there’s vigorous opposition to the plan, and city officials can’t pretend otherwise.”
  • “[City officials] They need to listen. It is possible to constrict or reroute sidewalks around the trees, as was done on Lowell Road, in another of the city’s historic neighborhoods, last fall. And if that simply can’t be done, then patch as effectively as possible or don’t do anything.”

follow-up (June 25, 2010): See our posting “Gazette again roots for Stockade trees.”

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