Washington Ave. homeowners want to save the trees

Fifteen property owners and residents of Washington Avenue met last night (Sunday, April 18) at the home of Bob and Sylvie Briber to discuss the repaving of the street. I am very happy to report that there was a quick consensus among the group that we attempt to save as many trees as possible.  The group also agreed to bring in a private arborist to help evaluate the trees.

Gloria Kishton, President of the Schenectady Heritage Foundation, chaired the meeting (quite ably), and the Foundation’s Vice President, Rob Petito, acted as the conscientious scribe.   Gloria and Jack MacDonald are jointly serving as intermediaries between the City Engineering Department and Washington Avenue property owners on the repaving project. Jack, a civil engineer familiar with the City’s procedures with construction projects, gave information on the project’s history and processes.

Despite the rather surprising consensus on the trees and other issues, I will admit that there was not complete agreement over whether the glorious box elm tree pictured at the head of this paragraph is a “good tree” worthy of being saved.  By now, you know my opinion on saving that glorious woody plant.

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